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The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and 6 more – 49

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and 6 more – By Roald Dahl – This book has several short stories in it. The Boy who talked with Animals is about a young boy who is very upset when some fishermen bring in a turtle they caught for the hotel dinner that night. He pitches a fit until his father buys the turtle. The boy is missing the next morning. The Hitchhiker is about a rich gentlemen who picks a hitchhike up on the side of the road. The Hitchhiker convinces the gentlemen to drive his car at top speed only to be stopped by the police and given a ticket for speeding. The Mildenhall Treasure is about a farmer who goes out to plow a friend’s field and comes across some tarnished plates. He goes to get his friend who does not tell him the plates are valuable. The friend hides the plates at his house while he is cleaning them up. Eventually he has to turn them over to the government. The Swan is a story about two bullies who pick on this one kid. The bullies kill a swan and cut its wings off and tie them to the other boy and try to make him jump out of a tree and fly. The Wonderful story of Henry Sugar is about a rich man who learns to see without his eyes. He uses this gift to win millions on dollars gambling. He uses the money won from the gambling to build orphanages. Lucky Break is a story about how this gentlemen got a lucky break with a certain story he wrote. He is now a famous author. A Piece of Cake is a story about fighting the Germans and how easy it was suppose to be, like a piece of cake.