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The Last Olympian – 2

Monday, May 25th, 2009

The Last Olympain – I was so excited when I went to the book store and found this book.  I had just written that I thought that he left it open for another book to be written.  I will let you know what I think about it when I finish.

I just started reading, and it is great so far. Percy is on the beach in a car with Rachel and someone from the camp shows up riding a flying horse. Percy knows it is time to go do what he has been practing all summer. He flies off and asks Rachel to explain things to his mom. He is going to destroy a ship before it gets to New York. Kronos is using Luke’s body as a host and is abroad the ship. Percy and his friend thinks they know how to blow up the ship and get off before anyone notices, but they get caught. There is a spy at the camp and no one knows who it is. Percy gets away from the ship, but his friend dies. Percy goes back to camp and everyone is upset that things didn’t go as planned. The guy who died had a girl friend at camp, and she is pretty tore up that he perished. Percy hears the full prophecy about his sixteenth birthday, and he thinks he will die.

Percy gets all the other demigods to go to protect Olympus. The demigods do their best at fighting off Kronos. The gods are fighting the storm god. Percy convinces his father Posideon to come defend Olympus. Nico also convinces his father Hades to also come defend Olympus. The gods are winning and things are looking better. Kronos attacks Annabeth and this stirs the demigod Luke inside of the body. Luke then knows he must sacrifice himself to end this war. Luke knows his own weak spot and thrusts the dagger he had given to Annabeth in the weak spot. The gods reward all the demigods. Things look like they may be settling down, but I don’t know for sure.