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Rising Water – 48

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Rising Water By P.J. Peterson – This is a book about three young people that are going to save a dog from a lady’s house because of the flood. As they travel there in their boat they find a man who is stranded in his house. They take him to safety. They are also asked by another woman to go retrieve a black bag for her. They find her black bag full if dolls. Then they make it to the house with the dog. They take care of the dog and head back to safety. On their way back they notice something weird about one house. They stop to check it out and discover that burglars have started looting people’s homes. Two of the kids go to get the police while one stays. When they notify the police the two head back for their friend. Their friend had been caught and tied up. Now they are trying to get away from the burglars. They finally get away only to find out the burglars are going to get away too. They decided to find their truck, and then slit the tires. The police find them, and the crooks confess.