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Horns and Wrinkles – 50

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Horns and Wrinkles – By Joseph Helgerson – This book was kind of weird to start off with It is about this two cousins who are playing down by the river. The river seems to have done some strange things to the town’s people. There are people who have disappeared or grown strange body parts. Duke is dangling Claire off a bridge when thins start going weird. While Claire thinks she is falling into the river she lands in a boat with an old lady. Duke has sprouted a horn from his nose. Then Duke sends Claire to his house to get some camping gear, so he doesn’t have to go home with the horn. The family is called in and Grandpa starts telling other tales about family members who have disappeared down by the river. Over night Duke’s parents are turned to stone. Now Claire has to help Duke help the river and rock trolls to turn her family back to normal.