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The Hidden Harbor Mystery – 36

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

The Hidden Harbor Mystery – By Franklin W. Dixon – This is a great book. This man is trying to get Mr. Hardy to take a case, but he misses his cruise ship. He asks Joe and Frank to take the case. Joe and Frank were already going on a camping trip with their friend Chet. They head down to Georgia for the case. The boys camp on the beach and have to do their sleuthing at night. They encounter a monster in a pond that is involved in a dispute between two families. The Hardy boys find the treasure and the hidden harbor.

The Mystery of Cabin Island – 34

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

The Mystery of Cabin Island – By Franklin W. Dixon – Another great Hardy book. This time the boys are trying to find a missing grandson and some medals. They ride in their ice-boat over to Cabin Island, and they run into a few ghost. As always the Hardy Boys get their man and “ghost” in this case as well.

The Secret of the Caves – 33

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

The Secret of the Caves – By Franklin W. DIxon – This book is about Joe and Frank Hardy helping to find someone’s brother. He is a professor at a college and suddenly disappears. The boys discover a clue to where the missing professor is, but another professor is trying to keep the Hardy’s from discovering what is going on. With the help of Chet and Biff of course the Hardy’s solve the mystery.

The Sinister Signpost – 32

Friday, January 15th, 2010

The Sinister Signpost – By Franklin W. Dixon – This book is about fast cars, horse racing, and windshields fogging up. It was a great book which kept me guessing the entire time.

The Masked Monkey – 31

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The Masked Monkey – By Franklin W. Dixon – This book was all about Joe and Frank looking for a missing boy. Joe and Frank were asked to find J.G. Reston’s son who had disappeared. The boys went to the private secluded home and found a mother that was acting strange. The boys stayed in the guest house and witnessed some questionable activities. J.G. Reston sent the boys to Brazil to follow up on a lead that his son might be there. In Brazil the Hardy’s met this crazy monkey. The monkey then seemed to be following them when they can back to the states. The boys also were working with their friend Chet retrieving golf balls out of the water at golf courses for some money. It was at a certain Country Club where all the pieces came together.

What Happened at Midnight – 30

Friday, January 8th, 2010

What Happened at Midnight – By Franklin W. Dixon – Joe and Frank Hardy are asked by their father to break into a friends house a steal a mysterious object. The boys go in, but they run into some other thieves who are after the object. The Boys get caught up in the fathers case involving a gang who steals diamonds, and electronics. Great adventure for the Hardy Boys once again.

The Great Airport Mystery – 29

Monday, January 4th, 2010

The Great Airport Mystery – By Franklin W. Dixon – Another great read. The Hardy Brothers are headed back home to help their father on case. They decide to take a short cut that gets their convertible turned over on its side. The boys make it home. They go to work for Mr. Allen to help him find who is stealing some of his cargo he ships on the company plane. Clint Hill’s ghost shows up and gets everyone all worked up. Joe and Frank have several close calls in the air, but they find the missing cargo, round up the gang of thieves, and solve the ghost problem.

The Shore Road Mystery – 28

Monday, January 4th, 2010

The Shore Road Mystery – By Franklin W. Dixon – Another great Hardy Boy Mystery. Joe and Frank are caught up with a ring of car thieves. The boys try to figure out how the stolen cars are getting away from the police. A friend of theirs, Jack Dodd, asks for help solving an old family mystery. Before the Hardy’s can help Jack and his father are accused of the stealing the cars and run out of town. The Hardy’s believe their friend is innocent and has been kidnapped. The Hardy’s ask their good friend Chet to help with the car watching. Mr. Hardy is working on a case of harmful gases being smuggled into the States. As usual it turns out that all of the Hardys are working on the same case.

The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge – 27

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge – By Franklin W. Dixon – This time Mr. Hardy is flown back into town and taken immediately to the local hospital. He is unable to communicate with anyone. Joe and Frank decide they are going to find out who injured their dad and solve the case he was working on. The boys get three of their friends to help them out. All five boys get jobs working on a bridge that is having problems being built. The boys discover that several ex-cons are working together to hold up the bridge building. The boys help capture the ex-cons and solve the case for their father.

The Secret Panel – 26

Friday, December 25th, 2009

The Secret Panel – By Franklin W. Dixon – This book is many cases all in one. The boys are almost ran off the road by Mr. John Mead. He asks them to go check his ouse to make sure he turned off a light. He gives them an interesting key. The boys check with their father before going to the gentleman’s house. Their father is working on a case involving some museum robberies. The Hardy Boys’ friend Chet buys a sinking boat that also finds its way into the cases. The father has a visitor in the middle of the night that is upset that her son has been shot, but she does nt know where he is. She wants the Hardy detectives to find her son. Joe and Frank finally get to visit the strange man’s house, but they fail to get in because of the interesting doors. The boys find out from the local sheriff that this John Mead died several years ago. This intrigues the Hardy Boys interest even more. The boys wind up getting into the house, help their friend get his money back, find the lady’s son, and help their father solve his case as well.