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Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Brisingr – Book 3 in Christopher Paolini series. Great book. The 4th book is due out this fall 09. Eragon is continuing his training with the elves, but must show equal concerns for the dwarves and humans of the Verdan. Eragon has lost his sword that he fights and cannot find a weapon that holds up. The Empire took Katrina who Roran is in love with. Eragon helps Roran save her and take her to safety. Eragon is training with another rider and his dragon that the Empire doesn’t know about. They go back to the elves, and Eragon helps the sword maker make a sword for Eragon. Time comes for Eragon and Saphira to come to the war and fight.


Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Eldest – Book 2 after Eragon. Eragon, Brom, and dragon Saphira are traveling to find the beast responisle for killing his uncle. He befriends another man, Murtagh, who Eragon. Eragon must go train with the elves and meets Arya who is to escort Eragon to the elves camp for training. His cousin Roran leads the people of Carvahall to safety from the Empire, who want to know where Eragon has gone. Roran and Eragon reunite at a seaside battle that Eragon learns who Murtagh really is. These two fight on their dragons.


Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Eragon – By Christopher Paolini – Great series. Eragon is a young man who lives with his cousin and uncle, Roran and Garrow, in a small village. Eragon is on a hunting trip in the Spine when he sees some people appear. One person is trying to get away from the others. The people are gone and all that is left is a stone. He doesn’t know what the stone is, so he takes it back to his village maybe to trade for some food. It is a dragon egg. Eragon keeps the dragon a secret and goes into town to ask more about it. While he is gone someone comes and burns down his uncle’s house and kills his uncle. Eragon knows he must leave now and goes back to town and consults Brom as to what to do. Brom tells Eragon he must be a Dragon Rider and must choose to side with the Empire or the Verdan.