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We the Children – 58

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School: We the Children – By Andrew Clements – This was a great book. Benjamin goes to school at a harbor side school. The school was build by Captain Oakes. The old janitor has a conversation in the hall with Benjamin and gives him a coin with writing on it. Then the janitor dies. Benjamin tells his friend Jill about the coin, and they start trying to figure out what it is talking about. Jill and Benjamin discover a compass on the floor outside the girls’ restroom which leads them to find a movable floorboard. Behind the floorboard they find a key and a note about saving the school. Benjamin also races sail boats, and he has a big race coming up on Saturday. He winds up saving another sailor’s life. Then the book leaves you hanging. I can’t wait until the next one comes out. It seems to be the start of a great series.

The Bombay Boomerang – 57

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

The Bombay Boomerang – By Franklin W. Dixon – This book starts with Joe calling the wrong phone number. Joe and Frank are helping their father on a case and come up with some strange information. Joe and Frank are taken to the Pentagon to talk things over with Admiral Rodgers. Frank and Joe then travel to Baltimore to find their father. They discover a connection with the Bayport’s local radio DJ. All three Hardy’s have a hand in solving the case this time.

The Sign of the Twisted Candles – 56

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

The Sign of the Twisted Candles – By Carolyn Keene – This is a great little book. Nancy is invited by her friends Bess and George to go visit their uncle Asa Sidney. The man is being kept in the tower of his inn by the two people that are running the inn, the Jemitt’s. The old man dies soon after his 100th birthday. Many family members of Mr. Sidney show up expecting a part of his estate. They are all amazed that the Jemitt’s foster daughter Carol had been left the large majority of the estate. The Jemitt’s try to force Carol into signing over her rights to the estate, but Nancy foils their plan. Nancy has made another life long friend.

Tennyson – 55

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Tennyson – By Lesley M.M. Blume – I read this book because a student recommended it to me. Husband and wife, Emery and Sadie, have two girls, Tennyson and Hattie. One day Sadie disappears. Emery takes Tennyson and Hattie to his sister Aunt Henrietta as Aigredoux. Emery is looking for his wife while his girls live with their aunt. Emery’s family has “old southern money”. They lost their money when the Civil war was beginning. Tennyson is struggling to believe her mother is coming back. She has strange dreams that are actually historical events that happened at the house. Tennyson sends the dreams in as a story to a magazine to help find her mother. The magazine prints Tennyson’s story which allows Sadie to write a fan letter to her daughter. Sadie tells Tennyson she is not coming home because she is a failure as a parent, wife and author.

Natural Enemies – 54

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Natural Enemies – By Carolyn Keene – This was a great Nancy Drew Mystery. Nancy is going with her boyfriend Ned to work as a volunteer at a marine research center. The center is located up north on the water. Nancy and her friends are volunteering to clean up the walking paths. As soon as they get there bad things start to happen. Someone is pushed off a ledge, an albino dolphin has been taken. Let it up to Nancy to discover who stole the dolphin and help catch the bad guys.

Radio Fifth Grade – 53

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Radio Fifth Grade – By Gordon Korman – This quick read was about three fifth grade students who run a radio show. Their teacher wins the lottery and moves to Hawaii. Their new teacher is giving too much homework that is interfering with the time they usually spend getting ready for the radio show. Benjy Drive has the idea to start a quiz on the radio show using the homework questions the teacher has assigned. The radios how also has a sponsor of the local pet store. The quiz gets more people listening to the show, and more pets being purchased at the pet store. Everything is going fine until the teacher finds out what is going on.

The Ruby Key – 52

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Ruby Key – By Holly Lisle – This was a weird book. It starts out with young girl and her brother trying to make their mother well again. They are taken by a nightling to the kai-lord. Genna makes a deal with the kai-lord that he will return all her family to her if she can find Doyati. Genna agrees to in search of this boy with her brother and the nightling. They meet up with a cat that says he knows where Doyati is. After a long journey the nightling has to return to her family and Genna’s brother follows after her. Genna finds Doyati and convinces him to go back with her. On their way back some other man takes Doyati prisoner. Genna, her brother, the nightling, and Doyati all wind up back together to face the kai-lord. They defeat him only to learn that Banris is the new enemy.

The Giver – 51

Friday, March 26th, 2010

The Giver – By Lois Lowry – WOW! I had heard this was a good book, but I was not prepared for the way that is ended. These people live in a controlled community. Everyone had jobs and go to school. At the age of 12 all the children are given assignments as assistants in areas that they have a gift for. Jonas was very surprised when he turned 12 and was skipped over during the ceremony. The whole crowd didn’t seem to know what to do. The Elder then explained that Jonas was to be the next Receiver for the community. This job was of great honor. Jonas is now able to ask any questions that he likes. He also doesn’t have to apologize every time he does something wrong. Jonas learns from the Giver that all the memories of the world are upon him. The community doesn’t want to feel all the pain or give choices, so that is why the community is so controlled.

Horns and Wrinkles – 50

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Horns and Wrinkles – By Joseph Helgerson – This book was kind of weird to start off with It is about this two cousins who are playing down by the river. The river seems to have done some strange things to the town’s people. There are people who have disappeared or grown strange body parts. Duke is dangling Claire off a bridge when thins start going weird. While Claire thinks she is falling into the river she lands in a boat with an old lady. Duke has sprouted a horn from his nose. Then Duke sends Claire to his house to get some camping gear, so he doesn’t have to go home with the horn. The family is called in and Grandpa starts telling other tales about family members who have disappeared down by the river. Over night Duke’s parents are turned to stone. Now Claire has to help Duke help the river and rock trolls to turn her family back to normal.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and 6 more – 49

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and 6 more – By Roald Dahl – This book has several short stories in it. The Boy who talked with Animals is about a young boy who is very upset when some fishermen bring in a turtle they caught for the hotel dinner that night. He pitches a fit until his father buys the turtle. The boy is missing the next morning. The Hitchhiker is about a rich gentlemen who picks a hitchhike up on the side of the road. The Hitchhiker convinces the gentlemen to drive his car at top speed only to be stopped by the police and given a ticket for speeding. The Mildenhall Treasure is about a farmer who goes out to plow a friend’s field and comes across some tarnished plates. He goes to get his friend who does not tell him the plates are valuable. The friend hides the plates at his house while he is cleaning them up. Eventually he has to turn them over to the government. The Swan is a story about two bullies who pick on this one kid. The bullies kill a swan and cut its wings off and tie them to the other boy and try to make him jump out of a tree and fly. The Wonderful story of Henry Sugar is about a rich man who learns to see without his eyes. He uses this gift to win millions on dollars gambling. He uses the money won from the gambling to build orphanages. Lucky Break is a story about how this gentlemen got a lucky break with a certain story he wrote. He is now a famous author. A Piece of Cake is a story about fighting the Germans and how easy it was suppose to be, like a piece of cake.