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One Kitten for Kim – 77

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

One Kitten for Kim – By Adelaide Holl – In the book Kim’s mother tells him he can only keep one kitten, so he goes around the neighborhood to give away the other kittens. As he gives them away they give him some other pet in return. When he gets home all his mother can do is laugh.

Bud, Not Buddy – 13

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Bud, not Buddy – Christopher Paul Curtis – This book is about a young man whose mother passed away, and he is headed out to find his dad. He thinks this man is his dad until he meets him, and he is quite old. He is a family member, but the man and Bud are very surprised at what they found out about each other.

Watson’s Go to Birmingham – 14

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Watson’s Go to Birmingham – By Christopher Paul Curtis – This book is about a family that lives up north and travels down to the mom’s hometown in Alabama to take the older brother down to learn some respect from the grandmother. This is at a time when there was much hatred between whites and blacks. There is a bomb that goes off at a church before the Watson’s head back home up north.

Elijah of Buxton – 15

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Elijah of Buxton – We read this as part of a study on Christopher Paul Curtis. Elijah of Buxton is about a young man who is not very strong. He goes after the “Preacher” who stole some money. Elijah meets some slaves and takes the baby to freedom with him in Buxton.

Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money – 3

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money – Here is the third book I am reading for the summer. This book was a good quick mystery read. It starts out with Steven sitting beside a dam and crying. Then the story goes back and brings you up to speed on why he is sitting there crying. Steven receives some money from his neighbor Mr. Chickee for helping him every Saturday with his groceries. Steven wants to find out if the money is really, so he asks his dad. His dad says it is fake, so he asks his mom. His mom wants the dad to take Steven to the Federal Treasury in Flint to speak with someone about the money. Agent Fondoo had just thrown away a memo about a few of these secret bill getting into the public, and there is a reward for whoever finds it. Agent Fondoo sens out other agents to chase Steven and find the secret bill. Steven and Russell, Steven’s neighbor and friend, get out on the back of Zoopy, Russell’s huge dog, and goes riding around town away from the agents. Russell jumps off, but Steven doesn’t. Steven and Zoopy stop at the top of a dam, and they both jump over.