Mrs. Jacqueline S. Brown

I am a teacher at Naomi Elementary School in Walker County Georgia. This is my twelfth year at the school. I taught third grade for four years. I taught fifth grade for five years. A couple of those years I was lucky enough to be able to teach only reading. This is my third year teaching second grade. I love watching students learn all subjects, but I really love reading. I like to be able to talk with my students about what they are reading, recommend books to students, and discuss new books. My husband is a web programmer. He set me up with this little site, and it has just taken off.

I started the site to be able to let students know what books I have read. I then link the books to Amazon to make purchasing these titles easier. You can also access information on how to order books through scholastic that helps earn free books for my classroom. The other nice tool on my site is you can look up what levels the books are that your children are reading.

I have started adding links to some of my favorite authors’ websites. So you can discover more to do with the books and about the author.

I hope that you will enjoy browsing my website and comment on the books that you have also read.

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