Walter the Farting Dog Banned from the Beach – 17

Walter the Farting Dog Banned from the Beach – By William Kotzwinkle – Ok so when two adults stand in the book store laughing their heads off at a children’s book you know it is funny. Walter is the family dog, but he has a problem. He always farts. The family is going on vacation to the beach and take him with them. This one couple gets upset because of Walter’s smell, and Walter has to stay in the room. Billy and Betty, the children in the family find an island on a sandbar and go out and play on it. The mean couple follows them because the children start finding treasure. No one notices that the sandbar is getting smaller until it is too late. Billy and Betty are stranded. Walter hears their cries and breaks through the screen door. He farts and parts the water so Billy and Betty can get back to shore.

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