Trouble Maker – 30

Trouble Maker – By Andrew Clements – Clay has a permanent record several inches thick. He is most excited to tell his older brother, Mitch, about his latest offense in the office. Clay draws a picture of the principal that looks like a donkey. When Clay gets home, Mitch is not at all impressed. MItch just came home from a month in jail. Mitch makes Clay change his ways. He dresses different, gets a hair cut, and most of all stops getting in trouble. Things are fine for Clay until his drawing in spray painted on the principal’s house, and the cops come to his house. Clay goes to the principal’s house and tells him he didn’t do it because he is different now. The principal believes him and tells the cops to leave the kid only. The secretary is going through the records and wants to make sure Clay’s folder is fine, but it is now a lot thinner.

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