Socks – 28

Socks – By Beverly Cleary – Debbie and George want to sell Socks to a good home. When a mom and 3 bratty looking kids come by George dumps Socks in the mailbox drop. A young couple come by and decide they just need Socks to make their home complete. Once home Mr. and Mrs. Bricker love on Socks all the time until the have a baby. Now Socks has to compete for attention with Charles William. Socks bites Mrs. Bricker’s ankle and attacks Nana’s wigs. This lands him outside until he losses a fight with the neighbor cat. Mr and Mrs. Bricker clean Socks back up and allow him back in the house. Now Charles William likes to entertain the “Ticky” as he refers to Socks. Charles WIlliam closes his bedroom door with Socks inside and Mrs. Bricker outside. Mrs. Bricker has to get a ladder and come in through the window only to find Socks curled up next to Charles William both asleep in his crib.

2 Responses to “Socks – 28”

  1. Kaitlyn.r says:

    I like this book because it is funny and it has a cat in it

  2. riley hewitt says:

    he got stuck in the mail box . they got him out of the mail box.