Fudge-a-Mania – 21

Fudge-a-Mania By – Judy Blume – The Hatcher and Tubman families decide to spend their summer vacation together in Maine, not next door to each other, but in the same house, much to the disgust of Peter Hatcher and his arch-rival Sheila Tubman. Fudge plans to marry Sheila Tubman and Peter is disgusted. It took ten hours for the Hatcher family to drive to Maine. Jimmy Fargo (Peter’s friend) is able to come for a week, with his father, Frank Fargo. Sheila also plans to have a friend come named Mouse Ellis who is weird, but she catches Chickenpox and is unable to do so. Fudge meets a girl named Mitzi, who has a baseball glove she calls her “mitzi” and she also has a book about her called “Tell me a Mitzi.” Fudge gets his own “mitzi” and Peter goes with him to the library that day. Fudge could not find the book he wanted, so they ask a librarian named Isobel. Peter falls in love with her and cannot stop thinking about her. Peter asks Fudge why he wants to marry Sheila in the first place, which was because he wanted her to protect him from ” scary creepy monsters.” Fudge quickly postpones the wedding because he has his own can of ” Mitzi’s monster spray” and it is solved. The Hatchers and Tubmans are related at the end of the story because their grandparents, Muriel and Buzzy, got married. Peter’s brother, Fudge, no longer plans to be a bird when he grows up, but instead a bird breeder, or as he mispronounces it, “bird breather”, to which Sheila immediately corrects him by saying he cannot breathe for birds. Other subplots include Tootsie accidentally helping Mr. Fargo’s art business when she toddles across his work and Fudge being chosen as a team captain in a baseball game sponsored by a retired player of the Boston Red Sox, Big Apfel, much to Peter’s dismay. One last one is how Fudge meets Mitzi. Uncle Feather, Fudge’s myna bird, went missing and Peter and Fudge went looking for him. They rang the doorbells to different houses and eventually met up with Mitzi’s Grandma. The next day they met Mitzi. Towards the end of the book a little romance is spread between Peter and Sheila, though they agree that they will always hate each other.

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