The Ninth Nugget – 71

The Ninth Nugget – By Ron Roy – Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose are spending a week at a ranch. Ma and Pa Wheat run the place with their son Jud. Thumbs is there to help with the horses and other animals. There are a few other visitors that week. All the guest go panning for gold. Josh is the last, ninth, person to find a gold nugget. It is huge about the size of a potato. They take it back to the ranch and put it in the safe. Later Lulu, the cook, is found gagged and tied to a chair with the safe open. Two other guest that had stayed back from the horse ride were also found gagged and one tied and the other handcuffed. Josh and his friends have to figure out who stole the nugget without getting caught or making anyone made. It all turns out fine in the end.

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