The Burrowers Afield – 2

The Borrowers Afield – By Mary Norton – This book begins with Pod, Homily, and Arrietty looking for Homily’s sister and family that are suppose to be living in a badger’s den. They find an old boot and decide to live there while they are searching for family. Arrietty meets another borrower named Spiller. Spiller helps the family find food and stay warm. One morning when Arrietty wakes up she notices the boot is sitting straight up instead of leaning over. A gypsy has brought the boot to his caravan. A boy and a woman show up asking the gypsy questions about these little people he says he saw. The boy convinces Arrietty and her parents to get in his pocket. Spiller is with the boy. The boy takes all four of them to his house. Once there they find that Spiller knows that Homily’s sister lives here now.

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