The Borrowers Aloft – 5

The Borrowers Aloft By Mary Norton – This story begins with Pod, Homily, and Arrietty finding Little Fordham to live in. It is a village made by Mr. Pott. His neighbor sells tea down by the village for people to come and look over the village. Across the river another couple, The Platters, also have a village. Mr. Platter sees these live people running around this miniature village and decides to capture them. He and his wife do just that. Pod and his family are now locked up in an attic while Mr. Platter is building a cage for Pod and his family to be on display in his village. Arrietty and Pod read a magazine and learn how to make a balloon. Much to their surprise they are able to escape out a window and find the old village. Arrietty has to confess to her parents why the house has been remodeled. She had been talking with the neighbor. Now Pod feels he must move his family once again.

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