The Borrowers Afloat – 3

The Borrowers Afloat – By Mary Norton – In this adventure Pod, Homily, and Arrietty decide it is time for them to leave Homily’s sister to make a home for themselves. The humans in the house are leaving, and it seems that there is no way out. Spiller once again shows up to show a way in and out of the house. They all go down a drain that leads to a tea kettle Spiller sometimes lives in. A huge gush of water sends the tea kettle down the river. The tea kettle gets caught in a twig island in the middle of the river, and everything looks fine until the gypsy shows up. Old Mild Eye is fishing and discovers the borrowers who had gotten away from him. He wades into the water to capture them but sends their island on down the river. Spiller shows up once again with his boat to save the day Homily, Pod, and Arrietty seem to always be in trouble when Spiller shows up.

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