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The Borrowers Aloft – 5

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

The Borrowers Aloft By Mary Norton – This story begins with Pod, Homily, and Arrietty finding Little Fordham to live in. It is a village made by Mr. Pott. His neighbor sells tea down by the village for people to come and look over the village. Across the river another couple, The Platters, also have a village. Mr. Platter sees these live people running around this miniature village and decides to capture them. He and his wife do just that. Pod and his family are now locked up in an attic while Mr. Platter is building a cage for Pod and his family to be on display in his village. Arrietty and Pod read a magazine and learn how to make a balloon. Much to their surprise they are able to escape out a window and find the old village. Arrietty has to confess to her parents why the house has been remodeled. She had been talking with the neighbor. Now Pod feels he must move his family once again.

Theodore Boone – The Abdution – 4

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Theodore Boone – The Abdution – By John Grisham – I am such a fan of John Grisham. I was thrilled when his first children’s book came out. I was beside myself when I saw this second one. John Grisham is hooking his readers at an even earlier age. This book is about Theodore Boone searching for his friend April, who is missing. April’s mom, May, calls Theodore asking questions about April. The police get involved. A distant relative of May’s has escaped prison and has been scene in the area. The police jump at the idea that April was taken by this Jack fellow. Theodore and some others students decide to go out on their own and search for April. In a few days this Jack is found and arrested. He says he knows where April is and wants to make a deal with the police. Ike, Theodore’s uncle, thinks that April’s dad needs to be investigated. Theodore and a friend, Chase, start trying to locate the band her dad plays with. They find some pictures posted on facebook, and Theodore is convinced April is in one of the photos. Theodore gets his uncle to drive him to the band;s next gig to rescue April. Theodore is worried, but he gets a lucky break because April is with her dad. Theodore and Ike take April home with them. Both parents are given strict guidelines on how they are to continue if they want to keep April. Great story. I can’t wait until his next book in this series.

The Borrowers Afloat – 3

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

The Borrowers Afloat – By Mary Norton – In this adventure Pod, Homily, and Arrietty decide it is time for them to leave Homily’s sister to make a home for themselves. The humans in the house are leaving, and it seems that there is no way out. Spiller once again shows up to show a way in and out of the house. They all go down a drain that leads to a tea kettle Spiller sometimes lives in. A huge gush of water sends the tea kettle down the river. The tea kettle gets caught in a twig island in the middle of the river, and everything looks fine until the gypsy shows up. Old Mild Eye is fishing and discovers the borrowers who had gotten away from him. He wades into the water to capture them but sends their island on down the river. Spiller shows up once again with his boat to save the day Homily, Pod, and Arrietty seem to always be in trouble when Spiller shows up.

The Burrowers Afield – 2

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The Borrowers Afield – By Mary Norton – This book begins with Pod, Homily, and Arrietty looking for Homily’s sister and family that are suppose to be living in a badger’s den. They find an old boot and decide to live there while they are searching for family. Arrietty meets another borrower named Spiller. Spiller helps the family find food and stay warm. One morning when Arrietty wakes up she notices the boot is sitting straight up instead of leaning over. A gypsy has brought the boot to his caravan. A boy and a woman show up asking the gypsy questions about these little people he says he saw. The boy convinces Arrietty and her parents to get in his pocket. Spiller is with the boy. The boy takes all four of them to his house. Once there they find that Spiller knows that Homily’s sister lives here now.