The Other Side of the Island – 64

The Other Side of the Island – By Allegra Goodman – This book is about a young girl who is always moving around with her parents. They finally arrive on one island and stay there. Their daughter Honor starts going to school. Honor doesn’t like that her parents are different. Honor does all that she can at school to fit in with the other girls her age who all have names that start with “H”. One day her mom tells her she is going to have a brother. Qiuntilian is born that things start looking better for the family. One night her parents don’t come home. Honor and Quintilian are forced to live in the orphan house. There Honor meets back up with a friend she used to play with Helix. Helix convinces Honor to sneak away during the next to storm to find both sets of their parents. Honor gets away and finds her parents. She has to go back to school though and act like she doesn’t remember anything so her parents aren’t found out. Helix and Quintilian sneak into the infirmary to talk with Honor. That night the night sky changes colors and Honor knows that her parents and Helix’s parents are ok and coming back to get them.

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