The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane- 63

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – By Kate DiCamillo – This is a book about a rabbit who goes on a journey. He starts out with the finest of everything with Abilene. He gets thrown off of a ship and is rescued by Lawrence. Lawrence and Nellie care for Edward, but change his name to Susanna. Edward is then taken out with the trash and dumped at the dump heap. Lucy, a dog, then saves Edward. Edward is name Malone by Bull. Edward travels for years with Bull and Lucy until one day they all get kicked off a train. As Edward falls down a hill an old woman picks up and finds a use for him as a scarecrow for her garden. The old woman calls him Clyde. Bryce comes to help the old lady in her garden and tells Edward he will come back for him later. Bryce wants to take Edward home to his dying sister Sarah Ruth. Sarah Ruth names him Jangles. Sarah Ruth dies, and Bryce leaves home with Edward. Bryce ties some strings to Edward and makes him dance to earn money for food. At the diner Bryce still doesn’t have enough for the meal, so the owner breaks Edward’s head. Bryce takes Edward to a doll maker. Bryce cannot pay for Edward to be fixed, so he gives Edward to the doll maker. Edward doesn’t want anyone to buy him until a young mother comes in with her little girl. Edward has found Abilene again.

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