Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse – 55

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse – By Kevin Henkes – This is a great book about teaching students to make wise choices about bringing things to school. I actually had a situation the next day with a young boy who brought something he really shouldn’t have to school. I reminded him of the story we had read the previous day. We both just laughed.

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  1. kendra hall says:

    hey mrs. brown. this is kendra hall. how is it like to teach younger children. i am having fun now in the 6 grade. it soooo munch fun there. u can emil me anytime at so when u v a chance just send me a e mail. and this book i read in 3 grade and it was soo good. miss nt seeing u. v nt seen u in awhile. i v just seen mr.ware and mrs.maning and gave her a hug. so i miss al of yall wish i could still be in the 5 grade but i love the 6 grade it is so fun, cool, awesome, we cn do alot more. and every other friday we v break and go down to the footbal feild to hang out wth our friends. wel good luck wth the grade u r techin miss u al hope to see u soon bye