The Calder Game – 22

The Calder Game – By Blue Balliet – I really enjoy this author’s books. It had the same characters as Chasing Vermeer that I have read. There is a new art show that is by the artist Calder is named for, Alexander Calder. Calder goes on a field trip with his class to see his mobile exhibit. Their new teacher is a bore, and the kids are not liking their new teachers. Calder is going on a trip with his father to England. Petra and Tommy, Calder’s friends, wish they could go with him, but they have to stay at school. Once father and son arrive in England, they are surprised to find a sculpture by Alexander Calder right in the little community they are staying in. Calder is very interested in this sculpture, and he meets another man that is also interested in the sculpture. Calder goes missing, and everyone is upset. Calder’s father calls his wife, but in trying to get ready to come over she trips and falls and hurts her back. So Calder’s father calls Petra and Tommy to come help find Calder. The children’s friend Mrs. Sharpe comes as the chaperone for the two children. Once the friends are in England they all start looking for Calder. They first find another unidentified man who leads them to find Calder.

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  1. hey mrs.brown wats up i read this book in 3rd grade