Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer – 12

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer – By John Grisham
First I have to say how excited I am. I am a huge John Grisham fan. I have all his books. Now he is writing this children’s book, and I read it this afternoon.

Theodore Boone is a thirteen year old boy. Both his parents are lawyers. He spends his free time hanging around the law office and court room. A lady was murdered in the town, and her husband is the prime suspect. Theo gets the judge to agree that his history class can come and watch the first day of the trial. Theo is upset about not being able to sit in on any other days, but he knows school is important to his parents. Theo and his parents volunteer every Tuesday night at the local shelter in town. Theo helps two small children with their English and their older brother with his algebra. The next day at school the boy comes up to Theo and wants some more help. Theo agrees to go help him that night. Once there Theo learns that the boy has a cousin who knows something about the murder trial that would change things tremendously. Theo eventually tells his Uncle Ike. Then they tell Theo’s parents, who thinks the judge should be informed. The trial ends Friday afternoon and everyone is confused by this. Monday morning the judge declares a mistrial and Theo can sleep better again. Great Book!

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