The Absent Author – 19

The Absent Author – By Ron Roy – Dink, Josh , and Ruth Rose are expecting an author, Wallis Wallace, at the local book store. On the morning the author is to sign books, the book store is crowded, but the author doesn’t show up. The bookstore owner tells the crowd that will have to leave since the author didn’t show. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose come to the conclusion that the author had been kidnapped. The bookstore owner gives the kids the itinerary from the author. The kids are meet by a woman who claims that she is to meet the author later, so can she come along to help find out what is going on. The kids call the airport and confirm that the author was on the right flight and it did land the previous night. The taxi service company confirms that they picked up the author and dropped him off at the hotel. The hotel manager shows the register where the author signed in. According to the cleaning lady no one slept in that room, and the next room had a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. The kids convince the hotel manager to go take a look in both rooms. They discover one room is empty, and the other is occupied by a man tied up to a chair. When all is revealed the woman who has been with the kids all this time is actually the author. Her brother helped her to see how young kids would really solve the mystery for her newest book.

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