Sunset of the Sabertooth – 7

Sunset of the Sabertooth – By Mary Pope Osborne – I am amazed at how much information is packed into these little books. Jack and Annie are searching for items that begin with “M” to help find their friend Morgan. They discover that the place they need to go is always the book that is lying open. Jack and Annie travel to the “Ice Age” in their bathing suits and have to quickly find a warm place. They find a cave, but they soon discover that it is home to a bear. The second cave they find belongs to some Cro-Magnon people. Jack and Annie take two of the coats. Their mouse friend Peanut has run away. Jack and Annie go to find her and fall down into a trap for animals. A sorcerer helps them out of the hole, and sends them on their way back with a mammoth bone flute.

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