Pirates Past Noon – 4

Pirates Past Noon– By Mary Pope Osborne – Once again Jack and Annie want to go on an adventure. What they really want to figure out is who this mysterious “M” person is that lost the bookmark and medallion. It is cold and rainy outside the magic tree house, so Annie wishes to go inside a book that is at the beach. Once at the beach Anne sees a pirate ship approaching the shore. In his hurry to get away Jack leaves the book. The pirates capture him while he is trying to retrieve the book. The pirates want the gold they think the children have. Captain Bones makes Jack read the map, but it doesn’t make any sense. The map says the treasure is buried under the eye of the whale. Captain Bones decides to take Jack an Annie back out into the ocean aboard the ship. While inside the ship Jack discovers that the island is shaped like a whale. Captain Bones is glad to take Jack and Annie back to the island. Captain Bones makes his men dig for the treasure. A parrot starts squawking about turning back because of the storm. The pirates run back to their row boat leaving Jack and Annie to climb back up into the magic tree house. The parrot somehow came back with them. The parrot turns into Morgan the enchantress. She is King Arthur’s sister. She is also a librarian. So Jack and Annie learned who the mysterious “M” person.

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