The Unwilling Umpire – 20

The Unwilling Umpire – By Ron Roy – Some men and women are playing a softball game for charity with all kinds of people in the bleachers. There are some autographed baseballs on display. The umpire goes to get his allergy medicine, but he never comes back. Someone discovers that the case is shattered that had the baseballs in it. The Umpire then admits to stealing the baseballs. The police officer arrests the umpire, but he won’t talk to anyone about what is going on. The three friends go to the umpire’s trailer and find that someone is living there. It is the umpire’s little brother. Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose talk the brother into going to the jail and talk to his big brother. Pete, the umpire, thought his little brother had stolen the baseballs, but he finds out he did not. The three kids decide to try and find the real thief. They post an email to someone selling an autographed baseball and ask for an address to send the check to. The person replies with a local address. The police go and arrests the real thief.

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