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The Unwilling Umpire – 20

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

The Unwilling Umpire – By Ron Roy – Some men and women are playing a softball game for charity with all kinds of people in the bleachers. There are some autographed baseballs on display. The umpire goes to get his allergy medicine, but he never comes back. Someone discovers that the case is shattered that had the baseballs in it. The Umpire then admits to stealing the baseballs. The police officer arrests the umpire, but he won’t talk to anyone about what is going on. The three friends go to the umpire’s trailer and find that someone is living there. It is the umpire’s little brother. Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose talk the brother into going to the jail and talk to his big brother. Pete, the umpire, thought his little brother had stolen the baseballs, but he finds out he did not. The three kids decide to try and find the real thief. They post an email to someone selling an autographed baseball and ask for an address to send the check to. The person replies with a local address. The police go and arrests the real thief.

The Absent Author – 19

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

The Absent Author – By Ron Roy – Dink, Josh , and Ruth Rose are expecting an author, Wallis Wallace, at the local book store. On the morning the author is to sign books, the book store is crowded, but the author doesn’t show up. The bookstore owner tells the crowd that will have to leave since the author didn’t show. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose come to the conclusion that the author had been kidnapped. The bookstore owner gives the kids the itinerary from the author. The kids are meet by a woman who claims that she is to meet the author later, so can she come along to help find out what is going on. The kids call the airport and confirm that the author was on the right flight and it did land the previous night. The taxi service company confirms that they picked up the author and dropped him off at the hotel. The hotel manager shows the register where the author signed in. According to the cleaning lady no one slept in that room, and the next room had a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. The kids convince the hotel manager to go take a look in both rooms. They discover one room is empty, and the other is occupied by a man tied up to a chair. When all is revealed the woman who has been with the kids all this time is actually the author. Her brother helped her to see how young kids would really solve the mystery for her newest book.

The Deadly Dungeon – 18

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

The Deadly Dungeon – By Ron Roy – Dink. Josh, and Ruth Rose are on their way to visit a writer friend. She lives in a castle. Her brother, Walker, is a lobster fisherman, and he comes to pick them up from the bus. They are meet at the castle by Wallis the writer. She sows them to their rooms and tells them to watch out for the ghost. They all hear a noise, and the writer says it is the ghost. After an early morning trip out on the sea with Walker they have some free time to explore the castle. The three children discover a secret passage between the cave down at sea level and the playhouse on the cliff. They discover some endangered birds in the cave.

Nancy’s Mysterious Letter – 17

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Nancy’s Mysterious Letter – By Carolyn Keene – In this story Nancy is to receive a letter from London, but is gets stolen. The mail delivery man, Ira, feels terrible about the letters getting stolen. Nancy learns that it might be the Ira’s half brother who stole the letters. Nancy does hear from the people that sent the letter because they are trying to locate Miss Nancy Smith Drew, so Nancy wants to find this lady and tel her of her inheritance she is to receive. Nancy’s father also had a piece of mail stolen that had a large amount of cash in it. Things are beginning to stack up against Ira’s brother. In the end Nancy finds the other Nancy and the mail thief.

The Clue in the Diary – 16

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

The Clue in the Diary – By Carolyn Keene – Another great book. Nancy and friends, Bess and George, are on their way back from a carnival and come across a house fire. As the girls walk around the fire Nancy spots someone running away from the fire. Nancy finds a diary and meets an interesting young man. This young man is Ned and is taken with Nancy. He finds a ring and just has to bring it to her at her house the next day. Nancy tries to read the diary, but it is in Swedish. Nancy is now trying to find someone who can translate the diary for her. Nancy is trying to find Joe Swenson who is involved in more and more ways in the mystery. As it ends it finds Nancy finding the missing home owner, releasing someone from jail, and getting better acquainted with Ned.

The Flickering Torch Mystery – 15

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

The Flickering Torch Mystery – By Franklin W. Dixon – This one has Chet making wings with wanting to build an airplane. Joe and Frank fly him to a local scrapyard for airplanes to buy some fuselage. As soon as Chet gets the fuselage back home it is stolen. The Hardy Boys find a tail post from a plane that is radioactive. This leads Joe and Frank to get s gig for their band and make some new friends. Mr. Hardy gets involved. People are captured. Men are arrested. Many of the Hardy’s friends are there for back up. Great Read.

The Talking T. Rex – 14

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

The Talking T. Rex – By Ron Roy – I am trying to read some books that my second graders might be able to read. This appears to be a nice little mystery series for younger children. In this book Dink, Josh, and Ruth are looking forward to seeing Jud. Jud brings with him a dinosaur. He and two other men are going to start a dinosaur exhibit in Montana and are trying to raise money for it. The kids pass out fliers to everyone in the town to come meet that talking T. Rex. Dean has made the T. Rex able to talk and move through the use of a computer and cables. The men are putting their money in the safe place and discover that the money from other shows is missing. The police chief is called in, but it is Dink, Josh, and Ruth who really solve the mystery.

The Secret of Pirates’ Hill – 13

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

The Secret of Pirates’ Hill – By Franklin W. Dixon – This was an exciting one. Joe and Frank are diving around Pirates’ Hill when they have several spears shot at them. Joe and Frank are then asked to help Mr. Bowden find a certain cannon. Along with this their Aunt Gertrude was bringing some cutlasses to be on display in the local museum that play some part in the mystery. Another man Gorman gets involved. The Hardy boys don’t know who to believe, but they keep on friendly terms with both. The boys discover the cutlass that has a secret message in it that leads them to the cannon which leads them to the pirates treasure. Great Read.

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer – 12

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer – By John Grisham
First I have to say how excited I am. I am a huge John Grisham fan. I have all his books. Now he is writing this children’s book, and I read it this afternoon.

Theodore Boone is a thirteen year old boy. Both his parents are lawyers. He spends his free time hanging around the law office and court room. A lady was murdered in the town, and her husband is the prime suspect. Theo gets the judge to agree that his history class can come and watch the first day of the trial. Theo is upset about not being able to sit in on any other days, but he knows school is important to his parents. Theo and his parents volunteer every Tuesday night at the local shelter in town. Theo helps two small children with their English and their older brother with his algebra. The next day at school the boy comes up to Theo and wants some more help. Theo agrees to go help him that night. Once there Theo learns that the boy has a cousin who knows something about the murder trial that would change things tremendously. Theo eventually tells his Uncle Ike. Then they tell Theo’s parents, who thinks the judge should be informed. The trial ends Friday afternoon and everyone is confused by this. Monday morning the judge declares a mistrial and Theo can sleep better again. Great Book!

Footprints under the Window – 11

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Footprints under the Window – By Franklin W. Dixon – I just could get away from the Hardy Boys even though I am moving to a lower grade level. This book is another great read. Joe and Frank are excepting their aunt back, so they quickly clean the house and go down to greet her at the docks. They are out on their boat and rescue someone that jumped off the freight liner. Frank and Joe get involved with some “dirty laundry.” Joe and Frank travel to South Africa to find out that not all is as it seems with some of the men they have run into. They are trying to keep the Micro-Eye from getting stolen. In the end Mr. Hardy saves his boys’ lives.