The Clue of the Tapping Heels – 65

The Clue of the Tapping Heels – By Carolyn Keene – This was yet another great Nancy Drew book. Nancy is asked by her housekeeper Hannah Gruen to check on her friend that is a live in nurse. The friend is staying with a lady that s strange taping noises in her house. Nancy and her friends, George and Bess, decide to go check things out. The injured lady sells Persian cats for a living. The cats are treated very well and have free range in the garage. The first night there Nancy hears the taping noises in the house. Then there is someone who tries to steal some of the cats. George ad Bess scare off the intruder and finally get to sleep. The next morning Nancy and her friends search through all floors of the house and find nothing. Nancy has to go back home for practice of a dance number she is to appear in. Ned, Nancy’s boyfriend, goes along with her to make sure there is no trouble, but as you know where Nancy goes trouble is soon to follow her. Nancy does solve the mystery that involves a weird couple that lives next door to the lady and a gentlemen that has lost his parents.

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