Extra Credit – 67

Extra Credit – By Andrew Clements – To look at the cover this book appears that it is going to be different than Clements’ other books. This fifth grader is getting ready to go to middle school and is failing. Her teacher gives her some extra credit work to do that will help her pass. Abby is to write several letters to a penpal. The penpal is from Afghanistan. The teacher in Afghanistan wants his best student to write the letter, but that happens to be a boy. The elders do no think it appropriate for a boy to be writing to a girl, so they ask his younger sister to write the letter under her brother’s supervision. The two start to exchange letters when both sides have opposition. In Afghanistan a rough man man handles the boy because of the letter. In America a parent feels uncomfortable with the Afghanistan flag in the room. So the letters must stop for the safety of all. The two children learned a lot about other country. It was a good book.

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