Tennyson – 55

Tennyson – By Lesley M.M. Blume – I read this book because a student recommended it to me. Husband and wife, Emery and Sadie, have two girls, Tennyson and Hattie. One day Sadie disappears. Emery takes Tennyson and Hattie to his sister Aunt Henrietta as Aigredoux. Emery is looking for his wife while his girls live with their aunt. Emery’s family has “old southern money”. They lost their money when the Civil war was beginning. Tennyson is struggling to believe her mother is coming back. She has strange dreams that are actually historical events that happened at the house. Tennyson sends the dreams in as a story to a magazine to help find her mother. The magazine prints Tennyson’s story which allows Sadie to write a fan letter to her daughter. Sadie tells Tennyson she is not coming home because she is a failure as a parent, wife and author.

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