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Radio Fifth Grade – 53

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Radio Fifth Grade – By Gordon Korman – This quick read was about three fifth grade students who run a radio show. Their teacher wins the lottery and moves to Hawaii. Their new teacher is giving too much homework that is interfering with the time they usually spend getting ready for the radio show. Benjy Drive has the idea to start a quiz on the radio show using the homework questions the teacher has assigned. The radios how also has a sponsor of the local pet store. The quiz gets more people listening to the show, and more pets being purchased at the pet store. Everything is going fine until the teacher finds out what is going on.

The Ruby Key – 52

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Ruby Key – By Holly Lisle – This was a weird book. It starts out with young girl and her brother trying to make their mother well again. They are taken by a nightling to the kai-lord. Genna makes a deal with the kai-lord that he will return all her family to her if she can find Doyati. Genna agrees to in search of this boy with her brother and the nightling. They meet up with a cat that says he knows where Doyati is. After a long journey the nightling has to return to her family and Genna’s brother follows after her. Genna finds Doyati and convinces him to go back with her. On their way back some other man takes Doyati prisoner. Genna, her brother, the nightling, and Doyati all wind up back together to face the kai-lord. They defeat him only to learn that Banris is the new enemy.