Double Identity – 59

Double Identity – By Margaret Peterson Haddix – This book begins with a twelve year old girl being driven across country by her parents. Her father leaves her at her Aunt Myrlie’s for a few days. The weird thing is everyone starts calling her Elizabeth instead of Bethany. Bethany learns from her cousin Joss that Elizabeth was her sister. She died in a car accident with her uncle. Bethany is more confused when she recieves a package from her dad with $10,000 and four birth certificates all with the same birthday. Bethany learns that her father used to be a doctor that worked with Dalton Van Dyne that wanted to clone people. Bethany begins to think she is a colon of Elizabeth, and that her parents wanted another Elizabeth not her. All the people met at a fall festival and everything comes out in the open. Bethany gets to have her thirteenth birthday and try to return to a normal life.

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