The Giver – 51

The Giver – By Lois Lowry – WOW! I had heard this was a good book, but I was not prepared for the way that is ended. These people live in a controlled community. Everyone had jobs and go to school. At the age of 12 all the children are given assignments as assistants in areas that they have a gift for. Jonas was very surprised when he turned 12 and was skipped over during the ceremony. The whole crowd didn’t seem to know what to do. The Elder then explained that Jonas was to be the next Receiver for the community. This job was of great honor. Jonas is now able to ask any questions that he likes. He also doesn’t have to apologize every time he does something wrong. Jonas learns from the Giver that all the memories of the world are upon him. The community doesn’t want to feel all the pain or give choices, so that is why the community is so controlled.

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