James and the Giant Peach – 39

James and the Giant Peach – By Roald Dahl – This is a great little book. It is about a young boy that loses his parents and has to go live with his two ugly aunts a the top of a hill. He is given some magic beans, but he spills them all over the ground. The beans make this peach grow huge. The aunts decide to sell tickets or people to come and look a the huge peach. James has to go outside and pick up all the trash. he finds a few beans that got away and chases after them and finds a secret door into the peach.. The peach has become home to many insects that ate the magic beans. James and the insects decide to go on an adventure in the peach. It rolls down the hill and all through the countryside until it lands in the ocean. James and the insects have a regular ole holiday away from the aunts and on their journey to far away places.

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9 Responses to “James and the Giant Peach – 39”

  1. Blakely cook says:

    I have not read it yet but i wish i could can i read it some day?

  2. Blakely cook says:

    I have not read it, but I wish I could can I read it some day.

  3. Genna says:

    So far as I am reading this book it has been very funny.

  4. I am reading this book right now, and it is funny. I love it.

  5. I like this book. My favorite part is when he goes in the peach and meets everyone. My favorite characters are the lady bug and the centipede. I also liked the green things. It was weird when they sunk into the ground. Also his aunts were very mean. But I love this book so many weird and cool things happen.

  6. I agree with Draven. She is right.

  7. admin says:

    I am so glad you actually talked about the book, not that it just looks like a good book. Great comment.

  8. I’m enjoying this book a lot. I like the part when the peach is crashing in to stuff. when it nocks over the animal I died out laughing. I also liked the part when the ceniped said”I’m not going out there without my boots.” then the lady bug said” let’s all help him.” But it takes for ever to take them of. I was funny when the peach brock though the wall, and the choaclate came spilling out. I can’t wait to read it tomorrow

  9. The movie is a lot different from the book. I like the book better.