The Secret Panel – 26

The Secret Panel – By Franklin W. Dixon – This book is many cases all in one. The boys are almost ran off the road by Mr. John Mead. He asks them to go check his ouse to make sure he turned off a light. He gives them an interesting key. The boys check with their father before going to the gentleman’s house. Their father is working on a case involving some museum robberies. The Hardy Boys’ friend Chet buys a sinking boat that also finds its way into the cases. The father has a visitor in the middle of the night that is upset that her son has been shot, but she does nt know where he is. She wants the Hardy detectives to find her son. Joe and Frank finally get to visit the strange man’s house, but they fail to get in because of the interesting doors. The boys find out from the local sheriff that this John Mead died several years ago. This intrigues the Hardy Boys interest even more. The boys wind up getting into the house, help their friend get his money back, find the lady’s son, and help their father solve his case as well.

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