Movie – The Lightning Thief

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I thought the movie was about 65% true to the book. I didn’t like that they didn’t put Ares, the god of war parts in the movie. I didn’t like how they ended with the different fight scene wit Luke and Percy. It was okay though. My vote is for the book as better.

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2 Responses to “Movie – The Lightning Thief”

  1. Zoe tidmore says:

    I can’t wait to watch this.

  2. Cobi Autry says:

    I just finished the book today. I went and saw the movie last night, but we were supposed to see Alice in Wonderland, but they were sold out, but I’m glad we saw Lightning Thief instead. It was really good movie, but they left out a lot of details in the movie, and I could tell you every single detail they left out on that certain part if you know what I’m talking about. Yes I do agree with you Mrs. Brown that the book is way better than the movie. When Percy, Annabeth, and Groover had to go and find all three pearls that’s not the way it happened in the book, but I understand why they did that, and in the book Percy swam in the ocean and the women ghost sea thing I forgot what she was and what her name was. Anyways in the book she gives him the three pearls and tells him what to do and things. I’m mad because I don’t have the second book, so I can’t start the second book and see what happens. There’s a whole lot more to share, but I can’t share it all because I have to go. So I will see you at school and talk more. Thank you for your time.