Watson’s Go to Birmingham – 14

Watson’s Go to Birmingham – By Christopher Paul Curtis – This book is about a family that lives up north and travels down to the mom’s hometown in Alabama to take the older brother down to learn some respect from the grandmother. This is at a time when there was much hatred between whites and blacks. There is a bomb that goes off at a church before the Watson’s head back home up north.

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12 Responses to “Watson’s Go to Birmingham – 14”

  1. makayla quarles says:

    It looks like a good book, and I might get it. My friend read it last year.

  2. Kendra Hall says:

    This book is so good so far. The part I like is when his lips got stuck on the mirror of the car. That part was really funny. I am really liking it. There is nothing I do not like about this book right now. I am glad that I am in that group to read this book. I like books that are funny. On some parts it says punk a lot of my friends and other people I know say that. I do not say it a lot. It is only every once and a while I say it, but I do not say it at school. Like I say it on the bus, but it is so funny the way they have it written in the book. I will see you tomorrow.

  3. Watsons’ Go To Birmingham-1963
    I like this book.I really like the part when they get to Alabama, and the kids are making fun of their Grandma Sands like saying she may be the meanest most uglest grandma in the world.

  4. I was scared because I thoght he was going to die in that wool pooh. But when Byroncame he saved him.

  5. I really like this book, and it is my second favorite book I have read in your class. My favorite part is where he was going to die in the whirl pool, but in all books someone always saves the day. They should have made it more exciting!!!

  6. I would like to read this book because Kendra says it is GREAT!!!!

  7. Kayla Gaskey says:

    This is a great book . I really liked this book because it showed what it was like in the old days with little black boys. Autumn said that Bud not Buddy was good. I would like to read that sometime too.

  8. Hey Mrs.Brown this book was great I loved it. I wonder if they have a movie and if we could watch it. I loved the part where Byron got his hair styled with it straight as a piece of paper. That was a great book. Were Bud Not Buddy and Elijah of Buxton good books?

  9. vada pickard says:

    I like Watson’s go to Birmingham . It was a good book. My favorite part was when he got his lips stuck on the car mirror. I also want to read the other books that the other groups read. Lois said that Bud, not Buddy was a great book. So I really want to read some of the other books.

  10. I love this book! It was so funny! My favorite part was when his lips stuck to the car window! THANKS FOR LETTING US READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!

  11. I loved this book. My favorite part was when Elijah went back to the slaves like he said he would that was very nice of him. The part I liked the least was when the preacher shot the carnival man up the nose. I liked the preacher the least in the book.

  12. I would really like to read Watsons Go To Burmingham. Hailey said that she really liked the book. So I am going to try to look for the book so I can read it. It sounds like it would be a fun book to read!!!!!!!!