The Missing Chums – 2

The Missing Chums by Franklin W. Dixon

This was a quick read while my students were reading as well this week. It is the same story line. The Hardy Boys are asked to work on a case. Their friends get involved and someone gets kidnapped. There is a bank robbery. All ends well for the Hardy Boys and their chums.

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2 Responses to “The Missing Chums – 2”

  1. David Hillis says:

    Its a cool series! Its strange how all the mysteries tie together. But I would hate to have to be put into so much danger though! Although the adrenalin rush would feel nice!

  2. jacob Jones says:

    The Chums ,who are Tony and Chet, are captured and hidden in a cave. The Hardy’s get in their boat, The Slueth, and drive around in the ocean and find a big hole that opens for them to find the chums.