Mary Poppins Comes Back – 25

Mary Poppins Comes Back – By P.L. Travers

This book has just as many peculiar things happen in it as did in the movie. MIchael and Jane now have twin brother and sister. The birth of their next sister is what brings Mary Poppins back to the Banks family. Mary Poppins takes the children on many fun adventures. It is a cute little book.

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3 Responses to “Mary Poppins Comes Back – 25”

  1. Philip says:

    How does this book pick-up where the first one left off? Have you read the first Mary Poppins book? If so, how does it compare with the movie? I didn’t know there was a second Mary Poppins book. Are there others? What other books has this author published?

  2. admin says:

    This book does pick right up after the movie. Many peculiar things happen in the book like things did in the movie. Other books that P.L. Travers wrote are Mary Poppins Opens the Door and Mary Poppins in the Park.

  3. I love this book and it is a very good book.I have wached the movie to.