The Hidden Staircase – 20

The Hidden Staircase – By Carolyn Keene – Great book. I am really liking this Nancy Drew series. Nancy is called by her friend Helen to come and help her and her aunts find who or what is causing all the scary things going on at their house. Before Nancy can leave for her friend’s aunt’s house, she is met at the door by a gentleman warning her to watch out for her father because he was in danger. Nancy’s father says that it is just someone who is trying to stir up trouble with some clients and the railroad company. Nancy and Helen are on their way and arrive safely and scary things start happening. Nancy and Helen discover some hidden secrets about this old house and rescue her dad and uncovers who is causing all the scary things to happen at the house.

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One Response to “The Hidden Staircase – 20”

  1. clay Jones says:

    Nancy finds a staircase in the house, and there is a guy using it to get into house to steal stuff and scare the owners enough to leave.