The House on the Cliff – 24

The House on the Cliff – By Franklin W. Dixon – A great series. The Hardy brothers are going to help their dad on a case. They bring some friends along for the adventure. Good thing that the boys got their friends involved or the Hardy boys or their dad might have been shot.

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3 Responses to “The House on the Cliff – 24”

  1. Turn Homeward Hannalee was a little boring but interesting! For one thing I did not like it. I do like Hatchet for right now. THIS WAS WRITTEN BY SAVANNAH DEWALD

  2. David Hillis says:

    I really liked this book [I like every Hardy boys book] but this was my favorite. But it’s been forever since I read it!

  3. clay Jones says:

    The Hardy’s find the house that people are using as a base for hiding stolen items.