Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money – 3

Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money – Here is the third book I am reading for the summer. This book was a good quick mystery read. It starts out with Steven sitting beside a dam and crying. Then the story goes back and brings you up to speed on why he is sitting there crying. Steven receives some money from his neighbor Mr. Chickee for helping him every Saturday with his groceries. Steven wants to find out if the money is really, so he asks his dad. His dad says it is fake, so he asks his mom. His mom wants the dad to take Steven to the Federal Treasury in Flint to speak with someone about the money. Agent Fondoo had just thrown away a memo about a few of these secret bill getting into the public, and there is a reward for whoever finds it. Agent Fondoo sens out other agents to chase Steven and find the secret bill. Steven and Russell, Steven’s neighbor and friend, get out on the back of Zoopy, Russell’s huge dog, and goes riding around town away from the agents. Russell jumps off, but Steven doesn’t. Steven and Zoopy stop at the top of a dam, and they both jump over.

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5 Responses to “Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money – 3”

  1. Makenzie Tucker says:

    Was this a good book?

  2. admin says:

    Yes I liked it. I think it is the best of Christopher Paul Curtis’s book.

  3. I love this book but i can not remeber it .But i would like to read it again.

  4. I love this book but i can not rember it . But i would like to read it again.

  5. Kendra Hall says:

    By the cover I can tell this going to be a good book. It is probably going to funny.