Heat – 4

Heat by Mike Lupica – This is book four for the summer. This book was hard for me to get into. I actually had started reading it twice this past school year, but just couldn’t get into it. I guess I just needed some time. This book was a real page turner. The book is about a young boy, Michael, who loves to play baseball. He is a great pitcher for his Little League team. He has a lot on his plate though. H and his brother are trying to make it own their own because their dad died, and they don’t want any “Official Persons” finding out. He meets a young girl,Ellie, who he starts to like, but he finds out she is the daughter of the pitcher for the Yankees, El Grande. Michael makes the girl mad. Michael is also having to deal with some parents who don’t believe that he is only 12. He is banned from baseball until they can get a copy of his birth certificate. Michael takes up coaching third base for his tram since he can’t play. During the final game before the playoffs for the Little League Championships, his friend Ellie gets her dad to help find Michael’s birth certificate from Cuba. It is a great book. I am glad I stuck with it and read it through.

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